Friday, May 11, 2012

- To be in your Heart

First yawn f d morning, eyes still close,
I think m still dreaming, i see a blue rose,
i see a red moon peeping through horizon..
i can hear a green cloud, in d pocket of tarzan..
it was snowing in Thar on 89th may
Is it me lacking sense or is it a insane day ?
I could feel d place was empty no sound no heat
So silent in here i cud hv heard my heartbeat
But it was missing.. M i still living !?
bCuz I had no heart and d breaths were lost
i widened my eyes nd i was into sumthing vast
It was a like a huge palace, nd ws shaking every second
I think some thing swallowed me, perhaps a dragon
But it was so comfortable, evn gods wd b jealous
bcuz slowly i realised it was better thn heaven
I felt being touched, i felt being loved, i felt d eternal care
every second was pleasure nd i realized, i was where...
i know now, i am in her heart,
so i never needed mine
breaths wer not required too,
As she was taking them for me nd i was fine...
i slowly, walking with short steps,
went closer towards the red walls
and touched it by my lips,
a soul i found kissing me back... u and i sewed
there wud be no space no space til.. Death
But we can avoid tht too
i die right here right now?
so tht here, i cud have a grave
ryt in the center, ripped in u..
And no one can ever lave,
even dying here is like a flute pouring rainbow in my ears
every atom calls u, every cell sheds smiling tears..

The Epitaph Reads-
(From the moment i saw u - And right now - Up till thn..)
I want to know if u too feel the same
if not, its only me to blame
Cuz, even if i try i can never give u all
Trust me i did'nt fell in love wit u,
I am still hving tht fall..